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February 27th, 2013


— First introduced to this gentleman on a Baltimore Club blog with an incredible Halloween mix he constructed a few years ago. I probably burned through that mixtape about 20 times and had to know more. Listened to all of his published work but I was sure he had more magic up his sleeve and my thoughts were true. After connecting with him on Facebook I learned this mystery DJ is actually a very fun dude and with my radio show gaining ground I had to show his talents to my audience.

NEON PANCAKES is all about bringing you the freshest artists from a variety of genres and no one likes cold leftover pancakes but this mix is so good it had to be served up again.
Enjoy this VERY RARE release from the show.

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Originally aired 2-22-13
1.) Dj technics – still nutty (diced mix)
2.) Kendrick Lamar-Swimming Pools (Dj Technics Bmore Vs Jersey Remix)
3.) dj technics- dancers anthem “the battle track”
4.) Poetic Justice-Dj Technics ” She Can Git It Mix”
5.) Dukeyman-Music
6.) Anita Baker-Mystery (Dj Technics Dsg Re Edit)
7.) Minnie Riperton-Inside My Love (Dj Technics Bmore Remix)
8.) Dukeyman-Always On Time
9.) Dj Technics – Tats on my arm
10.) Dj Juwan-Breaks Of Bull Shit
11.) Dj Phinesse-Popped A Molly
12.) DJ Sega-Humungasaurus
13.) Cinema (The DJ Sega VS Skrillex Remix) – Benny Benassi
14.) DJ Sega-$1,000,000
15.) loveeee song remix- dj tameil
16.) Pour It Up (Mike Gip Remix)
17.) LGBNAF (DJ Sega Remix) (Clean)
18.) Wale ft.Tiara Thomas x Bad (DjTray Remix)
19.) King Tutt-Need you bad
20.) DJ Juwan – K-Swift 4 Ever
21.) Feel So Good (Bamabounce Remix)
22.) Don’t Wake Me Up (Bamabounce Remix)
23.) Let Me Love You (Bamabounce Remix)


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Bmore Quickie Pt 2-DJ Nick

September 5th, 2012


Brand new bmore mix by my brotha “DJ Nick” once again he proceeds with the original bmore club and no he has given up on jersey club but he wanted to show you that he still got it when it comes to bmore club music all the tracks on this mix are new and original so check it out!!! and if you are any of your friends know any other sites that blog bmore music this mix is one you don’t wanna miss out on…..Peace!!!! p.s the friday club mix part 9 will be coming soon and you don’t wanna miss this one let’s just say the keyword “Trap” is involved

1.Jon Kwest – Mercy Killing
2.Starfoxxx – Bazooka (Nadus remix)
3. Starfoxxx-Guepa(Nadus Remix)
4.Put It Down Edit-DJ Se7en
5.Love Shoulda Brought U Home-DJ Se7en
6.Call Me Maybe FX Mix-DJ Se7en
7.Redlight – Lost In Your Love (DJ Sega Remix)
8.KissMe (SayWut Remix)
9.Uptown Girl-DJ Se7en
10.Chevyy Beatz-Lauryn Hill Theme

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Bamabounce Mix Pt 2 Prv (Unfinished)

June 10th, 2012

Just a lil preview or teaser of what “DJ Nick” has in store for us in the summer especially with this mix even though its not finished yet he promised that it will be during the summer so enjoy this mini bamabounce club mix

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