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Cool Herq – Get Physical LP [Wile Out] Release

August 18th, 2016



Cool Herq is a dance music producer who’s been creating his own unique sound of dance music over the past couple of years. 

Think old-school sound with a new-school twist, taking elements from such genres as Ghetto House, Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, 

Electro Funk, Uk Breaks and bringing them together to create a dance ready sound to play out in the clubs.

Cool Herq’s debut 8 track LP “Get Physical” has been in the works for sometime, taken influence from such house music pioneers as 

DJ Deeon, Armand Van Helden, Green Velvet, Scottie B & Jesse Perez, using samples from some classic hip-hop artists such as 

Missy Elliot, Splack Pack, N.W.A, Frank Ski, Big Daddy Kane & Slick Rick just to name a few.

Each track has been carefully crafted to create its own individual sound and drive, 

that would make your bodies move to the groove and your feet dance to the beat.

Make sure you go check out Cool Herq’s “Get Physical LP” via Wile Out and grab a free copy of the full release only for a limited time

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Dubset Media and Apple Music announces partnership at SXSW

March 28th, 2016



The following is straight from Billboard:

Dubset Media Holdings has announced a partnership that will allow Apple Music to stream remixes and DJ mixes that had previous been absent from licensed services due to copyright issues. Thousands upon thousands cool mash-ups and hour-long mixes have effectively been pulled out of the underground and placed onto the world’s second-largest music subscription service.

Dubset is a digital distributor that delivers content to digital music services. But unlike other digital distributors, Dubset will use a proprietary technology called MixBank to analyze a remix or long-form DJ mix file, identify recordings inside the file, and properly pay both record labels and music publishers.

The proliferation of EDM and user-generated content has created a major sticking point: how can people stream user-generated remixes, mash-ups and DJ mixes on a service that otherwise offers only the standard tracks and albums it licenses from record labels? It’s a problem for these services, too. People that want to hear this kind of un-licensed content can look elsewhere. In fact, the IFPI estimates that 20 percent of Internet users worldwide regularly listen to some kind of unlicensed music services.

But licensing remixes and DJ mixes, both based on original recordings, is incredibly complex. A single mix could have upward of 600 different rights holders. According to CEO Stephen White, a typical mix has 25 to 30 songs that require payments to 25 to 30 record labels and anywhere from two to ten publishers for each track. The licensing has been done in-house at Dubset. Thus far the company has agreements with over 14,000 labels and publishers.

MixBank matches the recordings used in the remix or DJ mix against a database of three-second audio snippets from Gracenote, where White was CEO prior to joining Dubset. He says fingerprinting is a “brute force” tool that can provide MixBank with up to 100 possible matches for each three-second match. The more difficult final step is performed by MixScan, proprietary piece of software that pulls apart the mixes and figures out what’s inside. MixScan identifies the recording and its stop and start point in each mix, then finds the corresponding rights holders in a dataset together through multiple partnerships and direct feeds.

Any file submitted to Dubset is required to jump through a number of hoops before it is distributed to a digital service. Once an uploaded mix is analyzed, a process White says takes about 15 minutes for a 60-minute file, MixBank checks the recordings, as well as its underlying composition, against the controls and restrictions set by rights holders. For example, rights holders can blacklist an artist, album, or track. They can create a rule to limit the length of a song used in a remix or mix. Rights holders can prevent an artist from being associated with certain other artists and they can control which territories will and will not get the content. Then there’s an optional review process at the end so a rights holder can give a final approval for the file before it is distributed.

The process then moves to the creator. A notification is sent when the content either cleared or didn’t clear. If it cleared, the creator can select the desired distribution services (White says others are coming soon). If the file doesn’t clear, the DJ receives an explanation and can make necessary changes before submitting it again.

In many ways, Dubset is like any other distributor. The service pays Dubset for the content. Dubset then figures out which label and publishers to pay. It retains a percentage of revenue for the service and pays the creator (the remixer or DJ) a share of revenue (White won’t provide the specific amount of each). Major labels and independent labels are paid at the same rates. Big DJs and small DJs also earn the same rates.

The agreement with Apple, and agreements with other services to follow, are sure to well received by remixers and DJs. “Remixes are a huge part of our culture - they allow DJs and fans to put our own creative spin on music,” says superstar DJ Steve Aoki. “Apple working with Dubset now is a really simple solution to something traditionally complex, and allows everyone to make money on this content for the first time.”

For labels, these newly licensed mixes are like found money. “The new revenue and royalty potential once this content moves to authorized music services is enormous based on the amount of this content that’s already being streamed without approvals and royalties,” says Roland Leesker, CEO of Get Physical Records.

Apple is just the start, says White. “The goal is to bring this to all 400 distributors worldwide. When you think about unlocking these millions of hours of content being created, it’s significant monetization for the industry.”

If you are a club music producer or a DJ, sign up at MixBank right now to upload your mixes and tracks today and get this money.

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Kstylis – Trampoline Booty-A-Wall Remix

September 2nd, 2013


19 year old DJ/Producer A-Wall from Petersburg, VA wants to get in on the club music fun. Remixing a track from twerk music rapper Kstylis. Listen and leave a comment download if you like

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February 27th, 2013


— First introduced to this gentleman on a Baltimore Club blog with an incredible Halloween mix he constructed a few years ago. I probably burned through that mixtape about 20 times and had to know more. Listened to all of his published work but I was sure he had more magic up his sleeve and my thoughts were true. After connecting with him on Facebook I learned this mystery DJ is actually a very fun dude and with my radio show gaining ground I had to show his talents to my audience.

NEON PANCAKES is all about bringing you the freshest artists from a variety of genres and no one likes cold leftover pancakes but this mix is so good it had to be served up again.
Enjoy this VERY RARE release from the show.

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Originally aired 2-22-13
1.) Dj technics – still nutty (diced mix)
2.) Kendrick Lamar-Swimming Pools (Dj Technics Bmore Vs Jersey Remix)
3.) dj technics- dancers anthem “the battle track”
4.) Poetic Justice-Dj Technics ” She Can Git It Mix”
5.) Dukeyman-Music
6.) Anita Baker-Mystery (Dj Technics Dsg Re Edit)
7.) Minnie Riperton-Inside My Love (Dj Technics Bmore Remix)
8.) Dukeyman-Always On Time
9.) Dj Technics – Tats on my arm
10.) Dj Juwan-Breaks Of Bull Shit
11.) Dj Phinesse-Popped A Molly
12.) DJ Sega-Humungasaurus
13.) Cinema (The DJ Sega VS Skrillex Remix) – Benny Benassi
14.) DJ Sega-$1,000,000
15.) loveeee song remix- dj tameil
16.) Pour It Up (Mike Gip Remix)
17.) LGBNAF (DJ Sega Remix) (Clean)
18.) Wale ft.Tiara Thomas x Bad (DjTray Remix)
19.) King Tutt-Need you bad
20.) DJ Juwan – K-Swift 4 Ever
21.) Feel So Good (Bamabounce Remix)
22.) Don’t Wake Me Up (Bamabounce Remix)
23.) Let Me Love You (Bamabounce Remix)


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OPINION: 500 words on the resurgence of Baltimore club music

November 16th, 2011


This article was written by Marcus K. Dowling for Check here for more info on Dowling

The short term memory of the average American hipster or hipster sympathizing partier was a fickle friend to Baltimore club music. As the genre soared into the mainstream on the backs of the Black Eyed Peas and Usher, local producers who heated up under the spotlight are now largely toiling away back in Baltimore’s local scene. Cooled off in the public consciousness, but now once again torching the underground, the sound is once again starting a slow ascension back to the surface. If a bandwagon jumping scenester, this story isn’t for you. However, if a true music appreciator, hold on to your ass, because there are some folks aspiring to blow it off your body.

L to R – James Nasty, DJ Sega, Murder Mark Promo Mix (November) by Murder Mark

Murder Mark is the Baltimore City Paper’s 2010 Best Club Producer. Alongside now stalwart producer DJ Pierre, the under 21 mastermind has turned up the big room electro elements on his club productions, and, alongside the assistance of manipulating some powerful samples, has risen to the top of the game. His latest promo mix for site A heart-stopping multitude of bangers – kicks, breaks, hoopin’ and hollerin’ guaranteed to take one’s afternoon or evening to the next level. Waka Flocka and Weezy F. Baby replace Lil Jon, and kitschy top 40 remains at the forefront as Mark, alongside a multitude of names you need to know, dominate.

DJ Sega Sixer Series Trilogy by DJ Sega

DJ Sega’s a living legend of club music. Andy Warhol spirit with Rube Goldberg’s brain, the Philadelphia native is back on a herculean tear. Sega’s at his best when he’s at a frenetic creative pace. Slowed by the crossover of club music passing him by, he’s re-invigorated, more reckless and emboldened than ever. A master creator remembering that creating to meet his own high expectations is his best motivation, his “Sixer Series Trilogy represents his best work of the year to date.  With just over 40 days remaining in 2011, at this clip, Sega could honestly quite easily eclipse his own top standard within the next 24 hours.

If Ya Freaky feat. Dj Pierre by James Nasty

James Nasty is the most inherently quotable and uproariously hilarious producer in club music today. His musical motivations include “making people get drunk, and watching white girls shake their asses.” Mixing lowbrow expectations with highbrow production standards, Nasty is slowly compiling a body of work that is a memory of club music’s halcyon eras of yore with a foot on the pedal of the future. His Friday night Physical Education party at Baltimore’s Ottobar is the city’s latest, greatest bastion of club music’s most recent legacy. Art obsessed hipsters mix with local fanatics and a wild,  professional crowd for a party that explodes into a mess of “freak trains” and tweets that, though true, are  so wild that if seen by an uninformed observer, would be deemed of dubious authenticity.

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November 3rd, 2011

@schwarz420 @goddm @derekunruly @unrulyrecords

Schwarz and DDM, voted Baltimore’s Best in our City Paper Best of Baltimore 2011 Awards. have a track together on SCHWARZ’s upcoming album!AND, you can download the Stems from here!


Just wanna download the single? Click HERE to get it instantly.

Sampler, Music Video, Bio, Tracklist, Blogger’s Kit, Soundcloud Exclusives, & MORE at the Deep In The Game Microsite!


THE WAIT IS OVER!  Deep In The Game drops the first week of next month!

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