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DJ J-Ball – Get The Club Buc 20-16

November 27th, 2015


DJ J-Ball is back with a new track for club music lovers to check out. CHeck out how he came up with this one:

“One of my favorite club music producers is James Nasty. I just love how he puts his tracks together. The first time I heard his track GET THE CLUB BUC, I was at work sitting behind a counter and the store was completely empty. I must have repeated the song like 20 times paying attention to all aspects of the song most especially The Neptunes sample he used. Once I began doing my own tracks, I said I was gonna make my own version of the track.

I sat on my ass for years and truly getting comfortable with how I put my style together, I finally said it was time to do it. I told an old DJ Premier sample along with his samples and began doing the track. After its completion, I put it up on FB and got a response from him saying how much he liked it. Kinda meant everything to me. ”

Check out the finished product

Follow DJ J-Ball on Twitter @ItzDJJBall631


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DJ Juwan – Represent featuring Matic808, Jay Verze, and Mike-Mike ZOME

November 27th, 2015


DJ Juwan is back with a new Baltimore Club track featuring 3 of Baltimore’s hottest artists in Matic808, Jay Verze, and Mike-Mike

Juwan says “The track is not just about representing Baltimore, it’s about reppin’ wherever people are on the map. I thought I’d step away from remixing tracks and create a new, fresh, energetic,hot ,and an original club track with our traditional club samples. Not a track with gunshots, not talking about killing, murders, or anything. Just a track so people can represent where they’re from. Tell me where you’re from ’cause I wanna know! [laughs]” “Always quality over quantity. You can either put out a bunch of garbage tracks that don’t even sound halfway decent or you can take the time to EQ everything right and have high quality samples with high quality vocals.” Juwan laughs “I swear, if Baltimore made a movie with some more dirt bikes or like how The Wire was, this track needs to be in there! I feel as though i produced this track really well, I just need someone who will actually listen to it and do something with it. ”

Straight from DJ Juwan himself, he quickly explains how this track came about:

“The reason for me asking Matic to be on the track is because around 04′ – 05’ish, I used to listen to a bunch of his tracks and hit him up telling him his tracks were hot! With me being so young, I didn’t really know how to make tracks until I got a little older and he was like a role model to me. Later he started rapping on some of his tracks and I was like “Yo he can rap and has some hot ass bars!!” I said one day I would love to make a club track with him on it and it happened.”

“I asked Jay Verze to do the track because I listened to his music around 07′ where he went by the name of Young D and he was a good rapper as well and it so happened he know my cousin AJ in which they are really good friends. 8 Years later, I made the track happen”

“I put Mike-Mike on the track because I felt like i needed someone straight from Baltimore City, to tell it how it is, and to do his thing on the track and that he did! Mike-Mike never lets me down and he always comes through! I made a few tracks with Mike-Mike before and they were hot! This is not the last time you’ll see a Juwan and Mike-Mike collaboration!”

Follow all those involved on Twitter:
DJ Juwan – @DjJuwan
Matic808 – @Matic808
Jay Verze – @JayVerze
Mike-Mike – @MikeMikeZOME



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November 24th, 2015

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