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DJ Albyy – Garden State JerseyClub Anthem

March 26th, 2015



Elizabeth, New Jersey native DJ Albyy just dropped his first track after being named the newest member of the Bad Ink family. There is no question that there will be dancing in the streets with his GARDEN STATE JERSEY CLUB ANTHEM. This track goes hard and well represents what Jersey Club has become. Check it out.

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Dirtyphonics & 12th Planet Feat. Julie Hardy – Freefall (Gemfire Remix)

March 23rd, 2015

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From New Jersey 2 Japan |Phase 4|

March 21st, 2015


1.)???? – ???????? (saqwz Remix)
2.)Crystal Kay – Think Of You (TOYO Remix)
4.)Ayuse Kozue – Boyfriend (has Remix)
5.)???????Jersey Club Edit?[?????????? ED]
6.)Girls’ Generation(????) – Gee ~Onionjersey Mix~
7.)? ???? – Musicmusic ? Goodintent ? Drainpuppet (Niconico Club Edit)
8.)Want to try dying this once?
10.)Renai Circulation (Samburg Mix)
11.)????(Yurizo Jerseyclub edit)
12.) ??????-Distance(KBoW Jersey remix)
13.)??????? (????Remix)
14.)????? ??????????????EDIT?
15.) Anime Interlude
16.)??????????the sub account Flip?/ ????????
17.)Miku sama Kiss You Baby MoomBahton Remix
18.)Kanade – One Week Friends Boot (Anime Isshuukan Friends ED)

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Famous2Most – Jersey Whip (DJ Fade)

March 17th, 2015



Highly anticipated, Fade’s Jersey Whip remix has finally dropped. Fade has taken Atlanta based Famous2Most “Whip” original and injected his club production. This has been a Jersey Club effort, and up next should be the official music video. Stay tuned and visit DJ Fade’s SoundCloud for updates.

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Cookiee Kawaii – Good Time

March 17th, 2015


As we always say but with good reason, we try to broaden the sounds on the site, specially involving talents from the Club culture. Miss Kawaii has been blessing the site with remixes of her originals with Jersey Club producers like J Heat, to mention the one of many. But todays highlight is Cookiee’s “Good Time” (prod. Dee) with the sonic energy that embodies the aesthetics of Cookiee Kawaii musical talent. And if you missed J Heat’s remix of “Music and Poetry” here it is one more time.

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Txzz x Lil Kel – Collide

March 17th, 2015


Pieyao’s Lil Kel and Tazz take Tumblr goddess Justine Skye’s Collide and flip it into a club track. I thought the transition couldn’t get any more aggressive, but Lil Kel kills the thought of it. And Tazz sustains Kel’s production with his 16th kick notes and sound palette.

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