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DJ Sliink- Vibrate EP

February 28th, 2012

Jersey Club producer DJ Sliink has been getting a lot of shine recently, and it is well deserved. The Vibrate EP for new-ish label Body High run by DJ/Producers Samo Sound Boy and Jerome Potter of the LOL Boys is not only an important release for Sliink, but for Club Music as whole, giving it cred and exposure in a different scene. All the tracks are very well constructed, sample-free, and the mixing and production is great. This is how you put out Club Music and get it to the masses without compromising as an artist. All five tracks on this EP are spectacular. The titular track is a massive banger, which has been out for a while, but deserves this official release. I’m really loving the rave synths on “Emergency”. The horns and wobble-bass workout “Reasons” is excellent too. Basically, go support this release! It’s available on Beatport now.

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Party Krusherz Presents: The Take Over Vol 1.

February 28th, 2012

New compilation/mix for the Party Krusherz Entertainment or P.K.E. crew I’ve mentioned a few times. There are 32 tracks on this mix and the longest is 1:47 long so it feels a little ADD and manic, but music like this has that effect anyway. I would say most the tracks are rooted mostly in Philly Club or PartyMusic with all the sirens and the way the vocals are processed. In fact, their is an absurd amount of sirens on this mix. Also a lot of the tracks seem like they are sped up to even higher tempos they they were originally.Dj Offical and the 15-year old prodigy Dj Saan‘s “Put It On Me Baby“, DJ Exclusive and DJ Kbreeze’s “Y’all Niggaz Lite” and DJ Exclusive’s “Wine It Up” stand out as amazing tracks. A Lot of these tracks I know have been previously posted on Soundcloud, but I appreciate this more “official” release. It would be a good entry point for someone newer to this particular style of Philly club music.

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DJ K Millz – Drank In My Cup

February 26th, 2012

This track has been receiving a ton of love in the Tri-state area. It is full of that neck-breaking club sound that makes you wanna just go all out on the dance floor . . without spilling your drank in your cup.


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February 23rd, 2012

Tonight Baltimore gets a special treat with Philly’s Swizzymack and Dirty South Joe performing at Cullen Stalin’s Posh Cavern night at Red Maple. Both DJ/Producers are associated with the Mad Decent and Brick Bandit crews. Swizzymack has been a favorite producer of mine lately with his heavy tracks pushing up to 155bpm and his unique ravey-synth stabs. He’s really talented at making bootleg remixes. Here are a couple:

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We Support Dark City: Beneath The Beat

February 23rd, 2012

@tttheartist @STREETSMART_MAG

Please click here to make a donation and help bring TT’s Club Music Film to life. Any amount helps. Below catch some clips from a  recent interview director TT The Artist had with StreetSmart Magazine. She speaks on why she is doing the film and names some of her favorite club tracks. Make sure to visit their site for the entire interview and more info on whats popping in the D.M.V. which is the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.


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February 22nd, 2012


Matic of Dem80z has steadily been releasing progressive Baltimore Club tracks for a while this newest offering is no exception. Ravey synths and cut-up original vocals courtesy of @KillaKizzy and Roc2eazy soon give way to a full-on club banger. Dem808z are a crew to watch for and keep up with.

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