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Mark Brown- Mix 4 Weird Magic

January 30th, 2012

New mixtape from the incredible Baltimore DJ Mark Brown features perfect track selection and mixing all the way from the opening DJ-Ra-Eazy and DJ Dyce collab to the closing DJ_SKITTLES! track. This mix collects the most current, cutting-edge Shakeoff-style Baltimore Club and mixes it with appropriate sprinkles of Jersey, Ballroom and Classic House. My favorite mix I’ve heard so far this year.

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DJ K Millz x Over Her Body

January 29th, 2012

New club single off DJ K Millz’s upcoming EP.


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Phoebe Jean- Day is Gone (Pacbreezy Remix)

January 29th, 2012

Baltimore-based electronic singer-songwriter and producer Phoebe Jean gets a remix from MTM’s Pacbreezy. Really feeling this track. Keep a look out for a new Phoebe Jean video featuring PacBreezy and his #ShakeoffTwin Mario coming soon!

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Dj Swizzymack – Back Up

January 28th, 2012

Major club record from Swizzymack! Sorry I haven’t been around as often as I’d like to be. Keep it crunk!

Follow DJ Real Juicy on twitter (@realjuicy).

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Rihanna – Cockiness (DJ Lemz Remix)

January 27th, 2012


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Jonny Blaze- Living & Hot Ha

January 26th, 2012

Jonny Blaze with Cullen Stalin at Red Maple

Legendary Baltimore Club Producer Jonny Blaze (creator of “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and “Sponge Bob”) has recently put up two tracks from his recent “I Love the 80’s” project which you can get exclusively from his website. The first is a remix of Bon Jovi’s “Living on A Prayer” and the other a re-work of Masters At Work’s “The Ha Dance” The “Living” remix is perfect for a drunk party night, and I could easily see “Hot Ha” destroying the runway at a vogue night. Both tracks showcase Jonny’s amazing mixing work and his a ability to build a track into a frenzy and then drop in a super heavy bass drum at just the right moment.

Check out all the tracks on his soundcloud
. His been getting into Juke lately and it’s super interesting.

Also if you live in Baltimore come celebrate his Birthday tonight at Red Maple with James Nasty, as a part of Cullen Stalin’s excellent “Posh Cavern” night. Without a doubt these two are the top tier of Baltimore DJ’s. You definitely want to see them live.

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