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2 Must Read Articles On The State of Bmore Club!!!

March 31st, 2011

Ryan Lyons wrote put together 2 amazing interviews with Murder Mark and Dj Benny Stixx for his site A Baltimore Love Thing. These articles help to give insite on the current state and the future of Bmore Club as you know it.

“Bal­ti­more Club music’s sound is some­thing that’s echoes the grit of the city. It’s raw, dirty, melodic, and unpre­dictable. Per­haps the speedy tempo of the sound mim­ics how fast a day in the city goes. Kids play­ing, police sirens, shoot-outs, church bells — it feels like all of that at once.”….Read The Rest Of The Articles Here

Cherry Hill And Down Ya Block-Murder Mark and Mike-Mike Present The Party Starter Ep– via A Baltimore Love Thing

Benny Stixx On The Future of Baltimore Club via A Baltimore Love Thing

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The ClubHead Files(Club Mix)

March 31st, 2011

Haven’t been posting for a while and that is due to school .
College is a bummer, but to make up for it I have prepared a 30 + min Club music Mix
for all to download and listen too . It features songs from SLiiNK, Sega, Nadus, Munchi, Quality, Syko,
and many others . Feel free to listen and download

Listen and Download from Soundcloud

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Angry Birds Theme (DJ Sega)

March 31st, 2011

DJ Sega has come out of no where and hit us on the head with the The Angry Birds theme !
Its a crazy track and I believe all will enjoy !

Download Here

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The Party Starter Ep by Murder Mark and Mike-Mike

March 30th, 2011

New Bmore Club Ep by Murder Mark and Mike-Mike!!! Make sure you purchase The Party Starter Ep Now Available On iTunes

Stream  “Loop That Shit”
Loop That Shit by AyoMurderMark1

Stream “That Base”
That Base by AyoMurderMark1

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Mirage Remixes

March 28th, 2011

DJ Pierre gets on NguzuNguzu‘s Mirage Remix EP off Silverback Recordings. Also catch Girl Unit, Munchi, Brenmar and many more….

Nguzunguzu – Mirage Remixes PREVIEW by Silverback Recordings

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TT The Artist Peforms New Bmore Club at Club Sonar In Bmore

March 26th, 2011

Real Footage of Baltimore Club Music in action straight from Baltimore City. Follow Murder Mark and TT The Artist on Twitter. Murder Mark and Mike-Mike’s “The Party Starter Ep” Drops March 30th 2011

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