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Radicool! – 20 Minute Massacre

June 27th, 2010

My lack of posting lately is due to some major school work, traveling and family bizness. However, I just finished a new mix. So it’s time for some shameless self-promotion!

There’s all kinds of club music out there; from Bmore, Jersey, Philly and Chicago to the rest of the world. There’s grimy original productions, bouncy remixes of mainstream hits, housey synth-based jams and so on.

For this mix I selected some of the craziest, most energetic club music tracks I could find. Featuring exclusives from the Brick Bandits crew, producers from the original Bodymore-Murderland and a few choices from Europe. This shit is heavy….you might inadvertently punch someone while listening.


Kazey and Bulldog – 4 Da Real Gs
Johnny Blaze and Mike Mumblez – Fight ‘Em
Rico Tubbs, B.Rich and T.I. – 24s
K.Gol – Like This One
Tomb Crew – Inna Dat
Nadus – Mama Said
Say Wut – Say Ayy
DJ R.L. – Let Me Hear You Say (Uhhhh!!!)
DJ Fade Feat. Young’n – Put Ya Hands Up (Remix)
DJ R.L. – Furious Break
DJ Tameil – Rude Boy Giddy Up
DJ Tameil – Disco Stick
DJ Tiga – Over

Radicool! – 20 Minute Massacre by Radicool!

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Promiscous Girl x Dj J Heat/Dj K. Millz

June 24th, 2010


A blend of two differently styled producing techniques.  The physique of this song is tough and slow at the same time.  As quick as you hear it, it’ll be done. But, it can become very addictive. Enough for you to play it over and over again. Play this bmore track everytime you see a girl who’s acting a lil’ “promiscous.”

Download It Here Now

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Dj Joker x KAMEHAMEHAAAA!!!!!!

June 24th, 2010

This Bmore genre of music can be very humorous at time. Dj Joker, a producer from the independent label ToonSquaD Entertainment© has made a track using element from the successful action cartoon, “Dragonball Z.” It’s really interesting to listen to. Also, if you like the show or used to watch it; it might bring back some memories.


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Cupid Shuffle x Dj Jayhood

June 24th, 2010


A Club remix of the popular 2007 single from Cupid by Dj Jayhood.

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Gyptian – Hold U (IOU Gold Croc Remix)

June 17th, 2010

IOU from sweden remixed Dancehall sensation Gyptian with a blend of ‘walk like an egyptian’.

Gyptian – Hold U (IOU Gold Croc Remix)

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Youthman – Big & Bad (Baker Edit)

June 16th, 2010

Cool track with bmore and heavy basslines.

This is a Vip edit from my favorite Baker in south of france he is making baguettes and Heavy basslines .

The original is from the Vinyl i am realeasing in the partnership with Stalesfish from Step express a Dope earli D&b label from france . You’ll find on this vinyl

A Big and bad -Youthman

B Hoy remix feat youthstar mc,Big red &,JennyKa

B Your love – youthman & Luce

I hope you all like It peace Youthme

Youthman – Big & Bad

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